2013 Mankato Poetry Walk and Ride Information

Thirty poems were selected in 2013 by judges anonymously from over 120 submissions.   The boards were placed in parks and along trails in July, 2013.

Like the CityArt Sculpture Tour, there will be a poetry contest once a year and the poem sign boards will be changed each spring.

2013 Winning Poems

Winners were selected anonymously by judges from outside the Mankato area.  Congratulations to all of this year’s selected winning poets. Please submit again next year if you were not selected this year!

Map showing Poem locations around Mankato and North Mankato (poem numbers are below)

Category Poem Number and Title Author Places (1st, 2nd and 3rd)
up to 3rd 3. Ripples on the Pond Isaiah Heins 1
up to 3rd 10. The River Blue Lottie Holz and Kaya Berry 2
up to 3rd 22. Spring Quinn Mackie 3
4th-7th 7. Rain Song Mikayla Rudolf 1
4th-7th 19. My Special Place Maddie Ceminsky 2
4th-7th 28. Utensil Party Anya Rodgers 3
4th-7th 34. The Leaves are a Gateway Kate Brinkert
4th-7th 33. Listen to the Birds Anya Rodgers
8th-12th 14. The Beach Lindsey Schaffer 1
8th-12th 23. The Sounds Of The Red Jacket Trail Jacqui McGregor 2
8th-12th 30. The Margaric Moon Jacqui McGregor 3
Adult-Humorous 4. I Had Them All John Just 1
Adult-Humorous 8. Parts Unknown Ed Brekke-Kramer 2
Adult-Humorous 11. For the Males Esther Hoffmann 3
Adult-Humorous 15. Fudgsicle Randy Dinsmore
Adult-Humorous 18. Alarm John Calvin Rezmerski
Adult-Humorous 25. Gratitude Goes Only So Far John Calvin Rezmerski
Adult-Humorous 26. Dreams of Coldstone Yvonne Cariveau
Adult-Humorous 29. Reclamation of a Junked Wash Machine Henry Panowitsch
Adult-Serious 2. Everything is Sky Tonight Angie Mason 1
Adult-Serious 6. Metal Dream Henry Panowitsch 2
Adult-Serious 9. Hokyoji 02-05-13 Henry Panowitsch 3
Adult-Serious 12. Night Fishing Angie Mason
Adult-Serious 16. Off to Mankato to “get an education” Audrey Kletscher Helbling
Adult-Serious 27. The Thrill of Vertical Audrey Kletscher Helbling
Adult-Serious 20. mahkato Donald Mead
Adult-Serious 24. Wrens Jason Zahn