2014 Mankato Poetry Walk and Ride Winners


2014 Winning Poems

Winners were selected anonymously by judges from outside the Mankato area.  Congratulations to all of this year’s selected winning poets. Please submit again next year if you were not selected this year!

Poem numbers show the location of the poem (see map and list of locations).  They also will match up with recordings on Mankato’s Audio Tour OnCell system.  Hear recordings of these poems, by the poets with your phone or computer after July 15, 2014.

Category Poem Number and Title Author Places (1st, 2nd and 3rd)
up to 3rd grade 26. City Traffic Lottie Holz 1
up to 3rd grade 10. The Trees Lottie Holz 2
up to 3rd grade 3. Yellow Submarine? Quinn Mackie 3
up to 3rd grade 30. Love Grace Mackie
up to 3rd grade 1. Art Quinn Mackie
4th-7th grade 11. The Place Below the Rainbow Gretl Holz 1
4th-7th grade 34. Fire and Ice Maddie Ceminsky 2
4th-7th grade 34. The Nightlight of the Sky Maddie Ceminsky 3
4th-7th grade 23. Youth Day Gabe Crispin
4th-7th grade 35. Hummingbird Emily Schanbacher
4th-7th grade 7. Snow Hannah Leraas
4th-7th grade 8. Escape the Rain Maddie Ceminsky
Adult-Humorous 5. To Ferdinand, The Omnivore Meredith Cook 1
Adult-Humorous 21. December Morning Ed Brekke-Kramer 2
Adult-Humorous 16. Bikers and Hikers Ed Brekke-Kramer 3
Adult-Humorous 25. Magical World Of Books Terri DeGezelle
Adult-Serious 29. Still Sleeping Laura Murray 1
Adult-Serious 18. EQUIPOISE Susan Stevens Chambers 2
Adult-Serious 22. Midnight Freight Ed Brekke-Kramer 3
Adult-Serious 28. Bandwagon Audrey Kletscher Helbling
Adult-Serious 2. My Best Friend John Just Jr.
Adult-Serious 24. Letting Go Shirley Ensrud
Adult-Serious 17. Diamonds in the Grass Shirley Ensrud
Adult-Serious 12. Fabulous Falls Rosy McGregor
Adult-Serious 15. Open Morning Window Henry Panowitsch
Adult-Serious 20. Request Shirley Ensrud
Adult-Serious 27. Autumnal Circle Susan Stevens Chambers
Adult-Serious 25. Murmuration James Dontje
Adult-Serious 14. Glide Path James Dontje
Adult-Serious 13. Summer Soda Derek Liebertz
Adult-Serious 9. Spring 2013 Sandra Neubauer
Adult-Serious 4. Kissing a Cowboy Yvonne Cariveau
Adult-Serious 13. Loon Yvonne Cariveau
Adult-Serious 33. Prairie Voices Ed Brekke-Kramer
Adult-Serious 6. December 26, 1862 Mankato Ed Brekke-Kramer
Notable Poet 19. Fingers John Calvin Rezmerski
Notable Poet 31. Writ in the Style of Rex MacBeth Dawn Schaefer
Notable Poet 32. Dead Poet Rex MacBeth