Poetry Retreats

Twice a year (January and July) the Southern Minnesota Poets have a poetry retreat.

WHO:  You!  This retreat is for all who are interested in poetry.

WHAT IS REQUIRED: Bring a poetry program that is at least half an hour in length and some food to share.  The program can be anything that tickles your fancy, a physical activity that will stimulate writing; a writing workshop; a favorite author; a new form; a lecture; a special taped program that you want to lead a discussion on…the possibilities are endless.   Joint programs are also permissible.

LOCATIONS:  The 2023 January Blizzard retreat is being planned.  The July Woodtick retreat is held at the Stevens cabin in north-central Minnesota.

HOSTESS: Sue Chambers

Home phone: (507) 278-4200

E-mail: Schambersmediator@yahoo.com