January 11, 2014 Meeting

Attending: Sue, Craig, Ed, Shirley, Rez, Derek, Yvonne, Marie, Marilyn, Keegan, Henry

Monica Haack is now at Laurels Peak Assisted Living

Meredith Cooke has been under the weather.

Next Sat. St. Peter Arts Center, Prairie Lakes Regional Emerging Artists, 1-3

Blizzard Writers starts Jan. 23rd, Thursday night reading – One must be a LOMP member to participate.

Treasurer’s Report was emailed to the SMPS mailing iist.

Motion by M. Frank to support Image and the Word $100 for expenses, seconded by Rez.  Passed unanimously.

Ask the Hist. Society  if they want the MPWR boards that were on the trail.

Sue passed around a set of suggested assignments for 2014 writing.

  • February “The Triolet”
  • March “A New Day Dawns”
  • April “My Mother’s Purse”
  • May “Haiku”

Yvonne made a motion to pay a $25 honorarium to musical performers for our Fourth Thursdays, seconded by Craig and passed by the membership.

The LOMP contest brochure is out – 25 categories, the assignments Sue gave line up with those NFSPS categories.

Manningham Competition ends Jan. 15

NFSPS College competition Feb. 14th – must be undergrad, get $500, publication and 75 copies of chapbook and stipend to go to national meeting  Spread the word to young people you know.

Robert Wright contest – for student poets – public program for them.  We should attend.

Esther’s third Saturday, 8pm at the Coffee Hag.  Big Deal Open Mike Poetry, Spice of Life  every other month.  Encouraging everyone to go.

Panel Discussion: The panelists, Shirley Ensrud and John Rezmerski, told their experiences with poetry and how they make room for it in their life.

Read-around followed.