Mankato Poetry Walk Map

This map shows all outdoor public art in Mankato – including the Mankato Poetry Walk signs. See the legend under the map.

Map Legend

  • Yellow shows sign locations that have not had signs installed yet.
  • Stars are Youth Poets
  • Diamonds are Notable Poets
  • Squares show WordWalk locations

Google Map showing Poetry Sign locations in Mankato and North Mankato (click here or above)

PDF Map showing Poetry Sign locations in Mankato only

Locations List

1. Lions Park (South End)

2. Jaycee Park (on Balcerzak near skate park)

3. Erlandson Park (Victory and Main Sts)

4. Weagel Park (Red Jacket Trail near 66 and Doc Jones Rd)

5. W. Mankato Trail (W 11th St. Entrance to Red Jacket Trail)

6. Blue Earth Park (West Mankato, Blue Earth and Owatonna Sts)

7. Sibley Park West (river side near picnic area)

8. Sibley Park North (river side near ball fields)

9. Sibley Parkway Spur (river side  near sledding hill)

10. Flood Wall Entrance (near Depot)

11. Riverfront Park South (near play area)

12. Riverfront Park North

13. Riverfront Drive Entrance to Mankato (N. Riverfront Drive and Hwy 14)

14. Kiwanis Recreation Area (Dog Park)

15. Sibley Parkway Bridge

16. Glenwood & Division

17. Willard Parkway

18. Minneopa Trail Entrance

19. Rasmussen Park/Woods

20. Peacepipe Park (near WalMart)

21. Sibley Park Farm

22. Sibley Park South

23. Red Jacket Trail

24. Balcerzak Drive

25. Glenwood & Pohl

26. W. Mankato Trail (W 5th St Entrance)

27. Hiniker Park

28. Lions Park North

29. Minnesota River Trail North

30. Minnesota River Trail South

31. Rex MacBeth Trail (North Mankato side of MN River)

32. Rex MacBeth Trail (North Mankato side of MN River, near Veterans Bridge)

33. Spring Lake Park (near dock)

34. Spring Lake Park (near Tyler Ave)

35. North Mankato – Benson Park – near Ladybug Lake

36. North Mankato – Bluff Park (right inside the meadow)

37. North Mankato – Benson Park – west side

38. Corner of Warren & Balcerzak (Ice Arena)

39. Bassett Pond (on Peacepipe Park trail)

40. North MN River Trail (past water treatment plant)

41. Erlandson Park (on Main Street)