Review the By-Laws of SMPS

President: Susan Chambers,

The President runs meetings, responds to requests for information about SMPS and helps organize speakers for meetings.

Past President: Derek Liebertz

Past President assists the President, helping plan meetings and assisting with events.

Vice President:

The Vice President runs meetings when the President is absent and also helps organize speakers for meetings.

Regional VP:

The Regional VP is our link to the League of Minnesota Poets and the National Federation of Poetry Societies. Their job is to keep the group informed of rules, events and actions of those groups and to share information about us with them.


The Treasurer collects payments and dues and pays bills. They also regularly report the status of the accounts and use of funds to the group.

Recording Secretary:

The Recording Secretary records what happens at the meetings to the group so that those not able to attend have that information and the group has a record of activities and decisions voted on.

Correspondence Secretary:

The Correspondence Secretary writes and sends thank you notes, get well and condolence cards for contributors, members and friends of poetry.

Marketing/Public Relations:

Marketing/Public Relations updates the website, maintains and updates our SMPS Facebook and other social media.  They write and send press releases, place ads and coordinate the use of our name and brand.  They also assist with event planning.

Elections are held each May for new officers with nominations in April.

Each June, the officers – and any SMPS member that would like to come – have a meeting to plan the coming year’s events and programs.