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Use the buttons on this page to quickly and easily give money to the Southern MN Poets Society.

1. Pay for membership to SMPS – this Subscribe button will auto-charge you once a year for your membership fee.


2. One time payment for membership to SMPS – this button below will charge you just once for membership.  You will receive a reminder next year to pay membership again.

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3. If you join after May 15 in any year, use the button below pay just $8.00 for adults and $4.00 for youth to pay until December 31. You’ll have four meetings (Sept. to December) and the Woodtick Poetry Retreat during that time.

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4. Donate to SMPS – help us with our Mankato Poetry Walk and Ride project, Image and the Word and the Woodtick and Blizzard Poetry Retreat events or scholarships for our local poets to attend state and national conventions.