About SMPS

The Southern MN Poets Society (SMPS) is a group of poetry-loving and poetry-generating people. We are a chapter of the League of Minnesota Poets.   Meetings are free, open to the public and held at the Emy Frentz Guild (523 S. 2nd Street, Mankato, Mn).

Poets and Lovers of Poetry

SMPS is a part of community events like Image and the Word, Eisteddfod and the Mankato Poetry Walk and Ride and we encourage all poetry going on in our area - Good Thunder Reading Series at MSU, Big Deal Open Poetry at the Coffee Hag and more.

Opportunities for Youth Poets in the Mankato area

You are welcome to any SMPS event. Most events are free. You can bring your own poems and share if you want to or just come listen to others.

Poetry LIVE - Fourth Thursdays

Featured readings by one or two poets, sometimes accompanied with live music.  An open-mike reading follows the performance. Bring your favorites! The fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Emy Frentz Guild.

Lunch and Poetry – SMPS Meetings

YOU are invited to our SMPS meetings on the second Saturday of each month at 12:30 (bring your lunch)

Agenda: Eat, speaker or panel talking about poetry, sharing of poems, critique workshops or other fun poetry-related activities.

For more information about SMPS, contact Susan Chambers, SMPS President, (507) 420-4031 or info@southernmnpoets.org.

2015 Mankato Poetry Walk and Ride

Poems for 2015 have been received and winners have been selected.

New signs will be printed and put up in July!

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Annual Events